Scrap Your Car

Scrap Your Vauxhall with VauxhallpartsUK

IMG_0663When you scrap your Vauxhall vehicle with VauxhallPartsUK you will receive cash for yocodur vehicle with a DVLA certificate of destruction that lets you know that the DVLA have been notified that your vehicle has passed on to a Authorised Treatment Facility and will be depolluted and destroyed according to SEPA regulations.

If you want to scrap your Vauxhall with us please email us on or give us a call on 01383 411190 or come in and see us. Our full address details are VauxhallPartsuk Ltd, Unit 7 Forties Campus, Barham Road, Rosyth Europarc,  Rosyth, KY11 2XB.

We wildepolutionl depollute your vehicle using state of the art AutoDrain depollution equipment. The vehicle battery, all fluids, tyres will be removed. The airbags will be safely deployed and all reusable parts removed for resale. The vehicle will then be stored until the time comes to have it crushed in to a cube and sold as scrap metal.